A Manners Video for Kids!


Bill’s voice caricatures are why the Adults like the video also:  because of the Music and the nostalgia of hearing Rudy’s voice mimicking old movie, TV and music stars that only the adults will understand and love, because of the good feelings and good memories they invoke.

Kudos to my brilliantly multi-talented wife, whose creativity and vision was truly inspired, enabling her to literally write “hit songs” that kids and their parents truly loved – that are still relevant and catchy today for the new generation of Manners Monsters coming of age.

15 years ago BEFORE the Internet and BEFORE even DVDs —  we tried to get a VHS Video Distribution deal for the Manners Monster with one of the major Home Video companies, but ultimately we self-published our own VHS copies direct to Families using favorable media interviews and newspaper stories http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=365&dat=19960312&id=W6YwAAAAIBAJ&sjid=DD8DAAAAIBAJ&pg=7055,546587 to promote our Good Manners video.