A Manners Video for Kids!


It is hilarious to me that a kid who thought the video was so “horrendous” as a child now credits it for making him a better adult!  What better testament to the effectiveness of this video than that!

The blogger’s Mother should be very proud of herself as a parent, and as a consumer, who bought a Self-Help Video that really helped!  And a decade later, her son confirmed it.

Here’s an unsolicited Epinions.com 5-star review of our Manners Video calling it on “one of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever seen, and educational to boot” http://www.epinions.com/review/mvie_mu-1059663/content_220077788804?sb=1

After 18 years, the video may have a second life online for sale into countries that don’t use a knife and fork to eat but need to know how when they visit countries that do.

Last but not least :  Family Trivia – my son Eric, who graduated Cum Laude from Yale and is working in Los Angeles for one of the best corporate consulting companies in the world, is the 4-year old boy in Rudy’s lap at the end of the video.  His good manners have taken him far.

After the positive feedback we have received and the advice to market the Manners Monster Video as a download on iTunes, or on the www.MannersMonsterVideo.com website, we hope to start marketing the Video to audiences around the world that don’t use knives and forks themselves, but either want to, or need to, learn how to use western utensils when they go off to college or visit countries that do.

If you want to buy the Manners Monster video for viewing by your children and family on the iPhone, iPad or Android tablet, please click on the above BUY-THE-VIDEO link.